A Christmas Story from Envision Studio

There was a village, so colorless and dull, that not a single light ever lit the sky. One December night a little boy from the village went for a walk. The sky was starless and dark, and soon the little boy got lost. He ended up at a wise owl's house. The owl decided to help the boy. He gave him a bag of stars and said, - Every time you or someone dreams, imagines or creates something, take a piece of a star and throw it into the sky. The boy took the stars and went home. The next day he walked around the village cheering people up, inspiring them to dream and throwing the star pieces into the sky. On Christmas Eve when everyone went outside, they were startled to see bright stars lighting up the night sky of their village.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, filled with dreams coming true and stars lighting up your sky.

From all of us at Envision Studio.