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Quikshow Birthday Party Wardrobe

By definition a wardrobe stylist is “someone who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videosconcert performances, and any public appearances made by celebritiesmodels or other public figures” 

When it comes to production set a wardrobe stylist role becomes crucial in assuring that the final look and presentation of the product is in line with the specific client needs. Think of the wardrobe stylist as the final step to perfecting the appearance of the actors or models involved in the production- the cherry on top. It is the wardrobe stylist’s job to find the PERFECT outfit to fit within the scene in which the actors/models have been hired to convey the message of the client. A wardrobe stylist on the set of any production takes into account everything from wardrobe on all actors/models within each scene to colors palettes based on the client’s needs to overall appearance and how it will portray in the final product.

Quikshow Birthday Party

For example; in a scene in which actors have been hired to portray a luxurious 6 year old girl’s birthday party- the dress that the little “princess” wears to her birthday party becomes one of the center focal points of the scene. The dress must not only exude luxury; it must demonstrate the importance of the milestone birthday party, while still coordinating with the colors and theme of the party. Only a professional wardrobe stylist could take into account the numerous considerations, such as colors, fits and styles, wardrobe that other guests will be wearing; in order to flawlessly select the perfect dress for the scene. With all of the factors that go into the scene (set design, extras, props, etc.) the perfect dress on the lead role in the scene becomes the anchor to portraying the luxurious party.

The importance of a wardrobe stylist on set becomes not only to work with the creative team, including the director, but to ensure that the overall look and feel every outfit, and shoot correlates with the decisions that have been pre-planned based on the client’s needs. With every project the importance of capturing the perfect shot becomes the overall goal of the production and in order to achieve the perfect shot, you must have the perfect attire!

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