App Commercials

Got a new app you want to launch?  Envision Studio can help write and produce the commercial that markets to consumers and users. Email us today to learn more.


Envision Studio Produced the EXEQ commercials from the ground up with scripting, concepts, production, CGI & Music & design. Our team also handled casting over 70 extras and talent for this two day shoot in Miami.



Envision Studio Produced a series of 5 mini commercials featuring the Quikshow app to market to realtors. Envision handled scripting, concepts, production, CGI, Music, wardrobe, design, casting and location scouting in Dallas, TX.                      



Envision was contracted to produce a 3 part commercial featuring the TelMD APP and new website to market to patients in NYC. You might recognize our little actor Belle Smith from HBO series "Vinyl". and was amazing onset to work with.



From typography to 3D to CGI and 2.5D animation we do it all. Our team of designers are the best in the industry and they love what they do 24/7



Weather you are explaining directions or telling your customer who you are and what you do. We can create a custom explainer video to fit your needs from 2D-3D animation.


3D Animation

3D animation is the perfect solution whenever you want to show off a product in a 3D space. Sometimes real life isn't as glamous as a 3D model can be when you are viewing body parts.

Envision Studio Animation Reel 2013-HD.mp4.00_00_25_18.Still002.jpg

2D Animation

When you need a website mocked up, an app animated, Typography, or a logo animated we do it all and with ease. Every project needs a dash of 2D animation to make a project stand out.

Fashion and Live Events

Weather it's an event in London or one in Kansas City the Envision Studio team will be there to capture every moment. We work directly with our clients or their PR and Advertising agencies creating content for social and Case Studies.

Victorias Secret Fashion ShoW Paris 2016

We do work everywhere and Paris was no exception. Wlaa & Ben headed to Paris to cover the Victoria Secret Fashion Show for Bello Magazine and New York Style Guide. 


MAC Cosmetics

72 Events and counting for MAC Cosmetics. The Envision Team covers event launches for MAC in the United States and Canada.



Envision Studio has worked at over 18 seasons of Fashion Week in London, New York, Miami and Chicago for designers and magazines. 

Music & Models

From music videos, music concerts and model films we cover it all.  

Music Videos


Model Films

Interested in working together? Here's our contact info.


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