Did you know almost 1/3 of our landfill waste comes from plastic and paper packaging?

Over the past few years, Johnson & Johnson has been working hard to cut back on the waste the company generates.

Recently, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies developed a sustainable, creative, and innovative solution that turns discontinued leftover lipstick tubes into functional and inspirational art installation instead of throwing them away.

Envision Studio was asked to help with video for Johnson & Johnson’s sustainability project and produce two films on location in New York and New Jersey.

For the first production, our team traveled to Copiague, NY to film the wall being built at NCG Graphix with a Johnson & Johnson logo made out of lipstick containers.


Combining time lapse photography and video, we captured the entire manufacturing process in full detail, from the building of the wall to its transportation to Johnson & Johnson New York office and final installation.

We also spoke with several people who played a big part in this project: Christina Liedki, Sales Strategy Manager for Neutrogena Cosmetics, Paulette Frank, Vice President of Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson and Chris Hacker, Chief Design Officer at Johnson & Johnson (all the interviews were filmed on the new Canon 5D mkIII).

Envision Animation Reel.00_02_27_20.Still005.jpg

Afterwards, our Animation team turned the concept of the storyboard into 2D & 3D Kinetic Typography animation for the video project.

Last week we had the pleasure of helping with the second lipstick tube wall in Johnson & Johnson’s New Jersey office at the Stillman Plant during the “Take your child to work day 2012”.

This time, employees and their children had to write their personal sustainability goals on pieces of paper, put them into red lipstick tubes and fill the Johnson & Johnson logo on the wall with them.

We interviewed more than 20 children and their parents who told us their sustainability goals. Some of the most popular ones for kids were to eat their vegetables and recycle more. The cutest one came from a 5 year old boy who said that his goal was “To get this wall done today!”

This was an exciting event for Envision Studio. Its unique environment, artistic quality and the chance for our team to create them both through Kinetic Typography Animation and video production inspired us and gave us creative freedom to produce this film.

We hope this video serves as an inspiration to individuals and other companies to find new creative ways to cut waste and help the environment.